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Does your job require you to sit in front of your desktop or laptop the whole day? Staring at your computer screen for long hours can be tiring to the eyes and to the brains. You need to divert your attention from time to time to keep your brain working well. You cannot just go out anytime, especially if you work at the office. Why not spend a few minutes admiring the work of art of great artists around the world?

Make Great Works as of Art as Your Screensaver

There are lots of artistic wallpapers that you can download to your computer, including to your Android. Feast your eyes on the world-famous smile of Mona Lisa and the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, Starry Night of Vincent van Gogh, and the toughing image of Pieta by Michelangelo. You can enjoy looking at these great works of art to relieve some stress and to give your eyes the rest that they deserve. Aside from their aesthetic value, these wallpapers are quite informative and even educational because you become familiar with the masterpieces by great painters. Paintings by modern artists can be downloaded if you are that type of person who wants to get some fashion tendency in your life and estimates the modern art.

Bubbles and dove over the field
2015-09-25 Views 487Total views: 487 / 4Views for 7 days: 4

Bubbles and dove over the field wallpaper

Bruce Lee
2015-09-25 Views 565Total views: 565 / 1Views for 7 days: 1

Bruce Lee full hd

Bruce Lee
2015-09-25 Views 633Total views: 633 / 4Views for 7 days: 4

Bruce Lee
2015-09-25 Views 794Total views: 794 / 2Views for 7 days: 2


Boy with teddy in a boat
2015-09-25 Views 652Total views: 652 / 1Views for 7 days: 1

Boy with teddy in a boat wallpaper

Bohemian painter cat
2015-09-25 Views 676Total views: 676 / 3Views for 7 days: 3

Bohemian painter cat 1920x1200 wallpaper Bohemian painter cat 1920x1080 wallpaper ...

Blue eagle
2015-09-25 Views 1436Total views: 1436 / 2Views for 7 days: 2

Blue eagle wallpaper

Blooming lines
2015-09-25 Views 467Total views: 467 / 1Views for 7 days: 1

Blooming lines wallpaper

Blooming design
2015-09-25 Views 561Total views: 561 / 3Views for 7 days: 3

Since the blooming flowers design of modern household wall paint murals background quality wallpaper ABC ...

Black-eyed anime girl with flowers in hair
2015-09-25 Views 1651Total views: 1651 / 2Views for 7 days: 2

Black-eyed anime girl with flowers in hair wallpaper

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