Weddings are expected to be the sweetest moments in everyone’s life. The ceremony binds people together and gives them blessings to live as husband and wife. The solemn rites are held with great pomp depending on the standing of the bride and groom in society. The more prominent the family is, the more pompous is the wedding.

Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

If you have just married, having wallpaper that depicts a wedding will help you keep this sweet event in your memory. There are several lovely images under this theme. Some screensavers used to show a wedding cake decorated with wedding bells, love birds, and generous icing. Wedding cakes are usually several layers and the colors used agree with the wedding motif. Another interesting image is that of the bridal gown displayed on a bed, with the wedding rings placed on top of a heart-shaped cushion. The veil and cord are included, making the image a lovely sight.

The image of the bridal car is also used as a screensaver. Decorated with fresh blooms, the car is another symbol of a man’s and woman’s union. The wedding bouquet is great wallpaper as well. Made of fresh and lovely flowers, the bouquets, ball gown wedding dress style, all this fairy tale depicts love, sweetness, and life.

Wedding Flowers
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Free Flower wallpaper - Wedding Flower wallpaper - 1280x800 wallpaper - Index 3.

Wedding Flowers
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... Flower Wedding S Latest Collection Wedding ...

Wedding Flowers
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Wallpaper: Wedding flowers wallpapers

Wedding Backgrounds
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Wedding Backgrounds

Wedding Background
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Free Wallpaper Flower Wedding Flower2

Wedding Background
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Wedding Background
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Wedding background HD Wallpaper. Download

Wedding Background
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Wedding 1920x1200

Wedding Background
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Wedding Wallpapers Background Wedding wallpaper

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